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I think I would like to share with you this lesson on “How To Get Rich Work From Home In Nigerian. Becoming rich work from home In Nigeria is possible if you decide what type of job or kind of home-based businesses you want to work at home and then plan with it. There are some lessons you need to learn more about before starting and doping work from home In Nigeria.

Making Your Determination 

With all the advances in computer technology over more than past ten years, many people now work at home or have established or started a home based business. But as tempting as it may sound to work at home, it takes proper research and planning to determine if this is the best option for you. Working at home doing a job or business or doing as a career will help you reduce office overhead expenses, shortens your commute, and may increase efficiency.

But however, I learn that some people who are unable to stay focused at home or their house may not be the best place to locate. So carefully weigh the alternatives to determine whether working at home is better for you.

Be straight with your landlord: to determine whether any restrictions to apply. Also, read the fine print on your apartment or condominium lease agreement, or homeowners’ association bye-laws for any limitations on doing business at home.

But most landlords will permit you working from home doing a job for clients, but they may limit customer selling, merchandise storage, or having any employees in your home as long as you pay your monthly rent regularly.

But you can do work at home if you keep secret from your landlord. One of my co-tenants kept secret from me by using kitchen for chickens, till I was told by a motherly cotenant about it because she hated smell. Nothing can the landlord prevent you from doing something as a freelancer or typist or importer if you use laptop to do work from home.

Landlords do not know what you are doing at home even you live with your parents. Writing and publishing articles once or twice a week daily is what I work from home. I do it often since 2010. Most gossip-news Nigerian publishers such asLinda Ikeji, Najia, Gistmania, Pulse news,Naija Gists, etc earn dollars monthly from adsense daily through working at home.

They use laptop or pc to do work at home. They work from home. And you too can. You can work from home using laptop to do something for clients or customers in exchange for cash. Some times some of them are employees or civic servants or college students like Isaac Inegbenehi, etc, yet they do part time work from home jobs in Nigeria.

They do freelance work from home on part time. Nothing thwarts you from doing for customers on part time. I am a barber by professional, yet I work at home on part time. I make money writing and publishing on my blog through my part time work from home In Nigeria.

Renting a post office box or a personal mailbox can give your business a delivery address and keep salespeople from ringing your doorbell unannounced. So determine whether a separate business location is advisable. For many businesses, presenting a professional image is relevant.

Accountants and attorneys, for instance, may need to present an office-based image in order to be viewed as credible. Other professions, such as web design, some sales positions, and computer programming, freelance jobs, are well suited for work at home, with necessary customer contact by phone, email, or at the customer’s premises or local coffee shop.

Tips On How To Start Working From Home Now

Tip 1: Decide what type of computer jobs or (internet) business you want to do work at home.

Tip 2: Check in your bedrooms, seeing if there is any space you can establish or start home based business.

Tip 3: Find out the amount of equipment for the business at home. Then establish a separate phone for your business and always answer the phone in a professional manner. Use voicemail rather than an answering machine to present a better image.

Tip 4: Establish regular working hours, and stick to them. The biggest challenge for many so people who work at home is separating or dividing their work life from their home personal life with family. Get up, shower, and dress at a regular time and maintain a schedule.

Tip 5: Work out an arrangement with your spouse if you know you have a spouse, to avoid interruptions, or limit your work hours to when the children are in school. Nothing turns off a client or a customer faster than hearing children in the background. If you know you are not able to separate work time from personal time, then you should have a reason not to work at home.

Tip 6: Avoid doing personal business during work hours, and vice versa. So separate your workspace from your living space and establish a mind-set and a habit of working in your workspace and not working in your personal space.

Don’t answer your home phone during business hours to avoid becoming distracted by personal calls because one attorney who worked at home was deluged by calls from family and friends because they knew she was there.


Some businesses start out at home because of cost considerations, with the idea of moving out as income permits. If that’s your plan, think through in advance a migration strategy for moving out to avoid staying at home too long.

Many businesses have stunted their growth by failing to relocate at the right time. With careful planning and discipline, working at home can be very successful and rewarding.


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