Top 10 Edible Lucrative Food Business Ideas in Nigeria With low investment

low investment

Low investment in Business

low investment

In economic recession or global changes and for food business ideas with low investment in Nigeria , manufacturing businesses can fold up; Central banks can fold up and small-business owners can experience low patronage.

But the only one business that never closes down is FOOD. Those who are into small food business remain in businesseven recession because most people from cradle to adult never stop eating food. They need foods for their daily stomach. If you are into any food business ideas with low investment you invest in, you will see how you can become rich. But many people kick off street food business ideas, calling it illiterates. But remember each time you buy street food business owners or hawkers, they make profit everyday.

The more you buy from them, the better they profit. I bought qualified-sliced bread each week from a street food seller at Sango Junction traffic. Do you know what i mean? Better take advantage of this food business opportunity even you are educated. The following food small-scale business ideas you can start and build so rich. Please read this lesson now:


Food Idea 1: Frozen Food Business

With this lucrative opportunity, you can start with small investment by buying a deep freezer, cutlass, weighing scale, etc if you don’t have at home and then buying cartoons of chick/or fish frozen foods at wholesaling price and sell it in pieces at retailing price. The best business idea you can set up is chicken frozen food business because most people, the rich or the poor, prefer it to living chicken.

Food Idea 2: Raw Foodstuff Business

With this business, you can start as a main distributor by buying foodstuffs plus ready-made foods in bulk at cheap price and (re)selling it for big bucks daily at either retail price or wholesaling price. But most retail small traders and domestic consumers prefer wholesaling foodstuffs for reasons. That is where you come in as a food distributor.


Food Idea 3: Processing Food Business

If you want to process foods into ready-made food package, you can start this business with big capital investment because it requires some mechanical equipment for processing and packaging. But you can start small if you process and package foods manually or by hands. That is called little local.


Food Idea 4: Bakery Business

You can start with as either: Bread merchant or Business baker, depending on your financial strengthen. For as a bread merchant, you can buy quality bread in bulk at cheap price and resell it quickly or slowly daily, relying on your environment. But for bakery business, you are required to learn different technologies or serve apprenticeship since there are different types of baking breads you need to know.

Food Idea 5: Groceries Business

For groceries business, you can do it either locally (shop or warehouse) or internationally (supermarket), relying on your financial capacity. You can do it as either a distributor or super marketer by buying groceries in bulk and selling it within or outside your community.


Food Idea 6: Bean Cake (Akara) or Moi-moi Business

You determine whether you want to sell bean cake or moi-moi as a night-food producer. But if you are good at making soup in bean cake or moi-moi, you can make money a lot daily with little capital investment.

Food idea 7: Ice cream and or Yoghurt Business 

Ice cream and yoghurt are the type of diary production you can do to make money as either a main distributor or producer, depending on your decision. But this business require you to invest much because it needs equipment as bicycles, deep freezer, standing freezer, packaging machine, sealing machine, etc.


Food Idea 8: Food Vendors

For exhibition, or any other place where people work there, trade or go to school or cyber café, etc at the junction, people need food for their stomach in the break time or launch. If you can provide foods from your stall, you can go for it. This business does not cost you to start. This business is hot. It can make you rich if you set up at the junction.


Food idea 9: Puffy-Pastry Business

This business is really a lucrative business if you are good at making puffy ball or egg roll. I mean taste. Taste can make or mar your business, depending on how you buy and produce puffy ball and egg roll. It requires little investment.

Food idea 10: School Sweeties Business 

Do you know this business can make you rich if you sell those sweeties such as candies, cookies, biscuits, etc to pupils and students as a street hawker or in your stall near school premises? Yes. I know it. Former educated impaired married woman was rich selling sweeties to secondary students and passer-bys from her local stall.

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Let me stop here. I know there are many different food opportunities I want to share with you in this lesson. But I limit it for one or other reason. I hope you enjoy this lesson, food business ideas with low investment? Thank you for reading. If you have any question or comment you want to share, you are most welcome to drop your comment here in this comment box.



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