Investing with monthly return

Investing with monthly return
Investing with monthly return


Look for getting good return on investment? Do you want to know where to invest money to get good returns? Then here is what you look for. Any body wanting return on investment must get prepared to take risk. You must be extra or pro actively ready to afford to lose money in order to get return on investment from risk investment opportunities. Where to invest money to get good returns are what I show you in this blog.

Investment companies can make you rich. But you have to first considered your basic investment decisions on numbers, terms, amounts and investment vehicles, then plan and strategies your investment and stick to that it.

If you plan your investment decisions and stick to that plan, you will make tremendous money. There are many financial investment opportunities in Nigeria you can invest your 500,000 naira for compounding growth.

But remember their annul fees and tax that will weaken your financial profit. If you can not afford to lose your investment, you can invest your 500,000 naira in financial companies such as CDs banks, fixed deposit companies, treasury bills, etc that can give you a peanuts per annum. Any money invested in financial investment opportunities in Nigeria should be considered money invested only for the long term.

Investing With Monthly Return In Nigeria

For investing with monthly return in Nigeria, you may have looked for HYIP investment opportunities to invest your money in which you may earn up to 3.5 %, 10 % or 50% daily, weekly and or monthly. But remember MMM, Twinkas, etc? Where are they now? If you want that, you can go there. FDIC or NDIC is not responsible for that.

If you look for investing with monthly return in Nigeria and you want to know that, then I recommend you to MLM investment opportunities that give you best returns on your investment as a consuming distributor weekly daily.

But the secret to success on your investment is simple. If you invest your 500,000 naira, 200, 000 naira or 1million naira at 25 % for 10 years, you will earn more than N3.5 billion if you are 20 or more than N200 million if you are 30. After that, you can enjoy monthly income as a salary for life. Patience is the key. Time is money. Money is time. The company interest is power.

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Where Do I Invest my hard earned Money? 

Where do I invest money? What types of investment that maximizes my investment and protects me against market crash? Then asset allocation is your answer. Asset allocation is the most important investment decisions of your life time. Asset allocation is how you get wealthy and stay wealthy. To reduce your risk and increase your financial power is what I offer you three tools: Stock Selection; Marketing Time and Asset Allocation.

Good Hot Investment Opportunities 

There are investment opportunities or financial investment companies that can make you so rich without work. Here is what I share with you:

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Saving FG Bonds:

If you invest your 500,000 naira in saving bank, at the end of a month, you may earn N1000 on your investment daily as I experienced before. It is too small. But if you invest N500,000 in that saving FG bond at 11% for two years or 12% for three years, you will get good returns on your investment every quarter in four times in a year. What an opportunity it is! But sorry, they were closed on last October.

Investing with monthly return

Coupon Index Funds:

It is good because you can make more money on your investment if you leave your money in that index funds in the long term. Warrant was asked a question on this: How do we protect and grow your investment?

Then he answered Indexing is the way to go. Look for index funds that give you exposure to the broad market of the best investment companies in the world and then invest in them for a long term. The more you hold on to them for the long term, the more you grow richer.

Investing with monthly return


Do you want a monthly income for the rest of your life? Do you want to retire without working? Then annuity is the best approach. An annuity is a series of equal payment made over a fixed interval for a special period.

If you invest 600,000k in that annuity immediately, you earn 720,000 in one year at 20%, and next two years, you earn 1.5 million; 2.6 million in three year and so on. That is how compound interest works for you while you sleep. Patience is the key.

Partner Investment Opportunities:

It involves agriculture or real estate opportunities. Assuming that you invest in agriculture opportunities, you will earn up to 35%, depending on your investment after 11 months. And if you invest in REIT opportunities, you may earn 25% per annum..


Investing with monthly return

Fixed Deposit Investment Opportunities:

If you want high yield on your deposit, don’t look for big banks in Nigeria. Only look for small and unpopular Nigerian banks.

Investing with monthly return

Investment Club: 

Many people get rich through the power of investment club. Many people live in luxuries through the power of investment club.

There you have it, let me know what you think about this investment opportunities….!!

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