How To Make Profits From Food Products In Nigeria

food packaging product in Nigeria

Food packaging Product in Nigeria

food packaging product in Nigeria


Let me teach you how to make big money every day marketing your own  food packaging industry. you can start and run your own food processing and packaging products/ or Packaged food industry.

But it may be only for those investors who have the capacity to fund for food packaging and processing business. Are you a capitalist? Do you want to make millions each month selling volumes to targeted customers like MAMA Gold, HoneyWell, Dangote, etc?

In this lesson, I will indicate you about ‘processed and packaged food business opportunities you can start and run successfully. The five following lessons are here:

1 Is This Packaged Business Lucrative?

2 What is food packaging? 

3 How Profitable this packaging industry is?

4 Steps To Start and market of packaged foodstuffs

5. Is this packaged business lucrative?

I say yes. It is really profitable as long as almost all people in the world prefer ready-made products to home-made ones. That is where competitors come in. They compete with each other in the same product in the different brand in the marketing fight.

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What Is Food Packaging?

Food packaging is where we use materials to wrap or protect foodstuffs or hide it. But for business, we use designed materials as entertainment package.

How Profitable this packaging industry is?

I say it is up to 100% daily if you become an industrialist. If you become a food-packaging industrialist, you will go to be a billionaire and your company will be listed on the Stock Market for sale. Imaging if you sell 1000 products for 1400 at a discount or distribution, how much do you make money today? The more you sell products at a kobo, the higher you make money on your investment daily.

Steps To Start and market of packaged foodstuffs

Step1: Get foodstuffs in bulk or work with some farmers who can still supply you raw foodstuffs for processing and packaging.

Step 2: Build a factory or lease it if you can not afford with some millions. Then buy different food packaging equipment or fabricated food packaging equipment including other few loading motor vehicles or haulage loading motor vehicles, relying on your financial strengths.

Step 3: Obtain permission from food authorities such as NAFDAC, Food Safety Professionals, FDA, etc officials for your food industry by paying for registry in certificate. Choose any brand you want to name for your company. Then register it for your company.

Step 4: Work a team that can help you to build wealth for you. Work with a few fiscal experts, tax experts, business-related lawyers, insurance expert including other one that will protect your industry against bad time.

Step 5: Work with some main distributing dealers or main distributors some where in cities that can help you to sell for you by offering distributorship vacancy in the publishing papers.

Step 6: Create your business plan or feasibility report in forecast for your future if you want to keep your business go well.

Step 7: Go and look for investors who can help you to grow more by investing in your business with their powerful money. But they require your fiscal annual report before they invest in your company for business.

Step 8: Building your profit margin excellently. If you want to earn 2 million a day daily, you produce more or less products at a kobo. Profit margin is important you need to know much.

Step 9: Build marketing and distributing strategies. Support financially. Use your brand products to support.


Starting and running an industry is not really easy because you will lose some day. But with patience and perseverance with pray, it will pay you off later. I hope you benefit from this lesson, ‘How To Run Your Packaged Food Industry And Make Great Profit Each Month’?

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Thank you for your time.

Happy Foodpreneur 


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