Top Ten Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria You Should Know



Nigeria is known to be the biggest producers of oil and gas in Africa. Hence has a huge amount of oil and gas companies spread nationally and internationally. Oil and gas is also known to be the largest source of income to the country, and other countries of the world. Below is a list of top Oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

Top Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria

  • 1. Shell oil company

For years now, the Shell oil company is known to be the most popular oil and gas company in Nigeria, owned by Royal Dutch Shell, they certainly are the biggest boys in the sector. It is a fact that shell oil is the first company to discover oil in the country, at oloibiri Niger Delta in 1956. Shell had begin it operations in Nigeria since the 1937 till date.

  • 2. Chevron oil company

This is another big and popular oil company well known all over Nigeria, chevron was initially known as gulf oil company. Chevron produces hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil and several millions of cubit feet of natural gas everyday.

  • 3. Total oil company

Total oil company is also one of the most popular oil company in Nigeria, it product can be seen in every major or local mechanic workshop in Nigeria. Known to be a multinational energy company, total Nigeria PLC started operations in the year 1956 and have branches spread all over the world.

  • 4. Exxonmobil

This is one oil company in Nigeria that is also well known and are specially into the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, the company officially commenced operations fully in Nigeria in 1955 and are still in operations till date in Nigeria.

  • 5. Addax petroleum

Addax petroleum was created 1994 by Marc Lorenceau who was a partner of Addax and Oryx Group of companies. Addex officially started operations in the 1998 with the partnership Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. It is worthy to note that addax petroleum was formally part of Addax and oryx group of companies (AOG) founded in 1987.

  • 6. Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

NNPC certainly is a house hold company in Nigeria. NNPC is known to be the state oil corporation which was created on the 1 of April 1977 and created refineries in warri, Kaduna and portharcourt at about 1978 to 1989. Their operations includes refining, petrochemicals, transportation and marketing.

  • 7. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas limited (NLNG)

Nigeria Liquefied natural gas limited (NLNG) was incorporated to produce and specify in liquefied natural gas and natural gas liquid for mainly export. It worthy to note also that the company was incorporated as a limited liability company on may of 1989.

  • 8. Equinor oil and gas Nigeria (statoil)

Equinor oil was originally and formally known as stat oil and began operations fully in 1992. The company has tremendously added positively to the growth and development of this country since it started operations.

  • 9. Petrobras oil company

Petrobras oil is known to have started operations from the deep waters of delta in 1998. This company is originally from Brazil but have branches all over the world and Nigeria being one of those countries.

  • 10. Nexen inc

Nexen inc is also into exploration of deep water and is a subsidiary of China National Offshore oil corporation limited (CNOOC). They certainly are one of the prominent oil and gas company in Nigeria.

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Nigeria being the biggest exporter of oil and gas in Africa is highly dependent on this resources for revenue. Therefore these companies are very important to the growth and development of this country….!!


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